Crime against Mrs. Fauzia A. of Werther/Bielefeld

Through the media, we at the Ezidi Academy in Hannover, founded in 2009, learned about the brutal crime against Mrs. Fauzia A. of Werther/Bielefeld. We are shocked and deeply mourn the loss of our sister, Mrs. Fauzia A. Like the recent murders of a girl (Nienburg) and a young woman (Detmold), crimes like these are forbidden according to the Ezidi religion.  They are condemned by civil and divine law and will be punished.


According to the Ezidi religion every being is created with a soul. Every person is unique, of equal worth with every other person, and equal before the law. We are obliged to care for the whole of nature/creation and to preserve its quality. Only our creator can decide over life and death.


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