Kidnapping of an 11-year-old Yezidi girl

Through various Arabic websites, we have heard about an 11-year-old girl who was kidnapped on 9th January 2013. The girl belongs to the Yezidi religion and lived with her family in the village Schekhka, District Al-Kosh / Mousel in Iraq before her abduction.

We have been in contact with people in Iraq, who have confirmed the abduction. According to our primary account, we have been told that Kurdish-origin Nasrelah Hassan Al-Goran could be the kidnapper. The girl is still missing and despite many phone calls and online posts, there has been no response from the official authorities.

It is expected that in a small village every mayor manages the affairs of his villagers and tries to regulate harmony, peace and security within the community between the different religions and ethnicities.

Therefore, the responsible authorities are also responsible to take care of the affairs of the Yezidis. Their situation is deteriorating since 2003. Particularly human rights violations have increased since 2003 in the northern regions of Iraq.

We have informed the "Society for Threatened Peoples Göttingen" today about the incident and asked them to take care of this matter.

We have made an appeal at the international community and human rights organizations to advocate for the rights of minorities, particularly in northern Iraq and hope to gain more influence, so that legal action against the perpetrator can be initiated as soon as possible.


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