Introduction of Yezidism in Bielefeld

The Yezidi Academy NRW in Bielefeld is planning a series of events in collaboration with institutions, associations and societies on religion and culture.  
We welcome everyone interested to participate on the 16th Novemeber 2013, which begins with an introduction of the theology and anthropology of yezidism, a monotheistic religion like jewish, christianity and islam.
You will be surprised by the theological and anthropological similarities between these 4 religions and other monotheistic religions. The diversity can be traced back to historically formed rituals, dogmas and cultural phenomena. The differences between the religions and their values withstand the act of "Universal Declaration of Human Rights".
Topics that caught your interest during the introduction of Yezidism can be further discussed in the work groups set up afterwards. In the work groups you will discuss current issues and will choose a theme for the series of events following.
The first event will take place from 2pm to 4pm on 16th Novemeber 2013 in the premises of Caritas in Bielefeld (Turnerstr. 4, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany).