An Invitation for the "Current Situation of Religious Minorities" Event

The Ezidische Akademie is hosting an event "Current Situation for Religious Minorities" from 12th April - 14th April 2013 (minorities include Ezidis, Christians, Mandeans, and more).

The first meeting will be held on 12th April at 4pm, in the Ezidische Akademie, Göttinger Chaussee 115, 30459 Hanover. The second meeting will be held on 13th April at 2pm in Haus der Kirche, Markgrafenstraße 7, 33602 Bielefeld. Our guest speaker and host of the event is Mr Dindar Mado, a Swedish lawyer and human rights activist.

The content includes the current situation of several minorities, for example the Ezidi's state of affair in their home countries.





We welcome everyone who is interested and the meetings are free of admission. The event is financially supported by the VNB.

We are looking forward to your participation.

The Ezidische Akademie